Top 10 Custom Software Development Companies 2023

Incorporate cutting-edge financial data protection solutions using CRM systems. Leverage the finest tools to ensure the security of your business data management. GP Solutions is an established European software development house with a proven track record of delivering exceptional quality in custom software development, IT consulting and support. Use of custom software for payment processing and other related transactions that ensure payments are processed accurately while minimizing risks and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. After applications are deployed, they need to be maintained and managed to be effective.

custom financial software development

The team required for custom software development depends on the project’s needs. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a set of requirements intended to ensure that all companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. It was launched on September 7, 2006, to manage PCI security standards and improve account security throughout the transaction process. The standard highlights six areas that businesses need when preparing their app to meet the PCI DSS compliance. The fees for non-compliance can be anywhere between $5,000 to $100,000 to be paid every month. Financial app development from scratch is what the GP team specializes in.

Custom Financial Software Development – Complete Guide For Your FinTech Business

The company provides a spectrum of services that helps corporate clients grow and gain an advantage over their peers. You might discover that investing time and resources in custom software development is worthwhile. For example, if the size of queries that your custom software product can handle increases drastically, then you will need to update your custom software to handle the increased load.

Create an interactive finance dashboard for your clients that includes a comprehensive overview of their portfolio and current performance. Find a short selection of almost 400 clients that use our services worldwide. Business process automation solutions to digitise internal workflows at the organisation. Use of advanced software tools and algorithms to identify potential fraudulent activities, such as unauthorized transactions, money laundering, and identity theft.

Key benefits of custom accounting software

We help businesses meet regulation and comply with requirements through delivering RegTech solutions, facilitating easier, faster, and more efficient regulatory compliance procedure execution. We employ the capabilities of distributed systems based on blockchain to launch decentralized trading and asset management platforms with no censorship. Innowise Group creates top-notch custom solutions for financial, banking, and insurance industries, bringing 16+ years experience in IT. We apply quantitative analysis and predictive analytics to develop investment portfolio optimization systems that execute efficient trade orders based on market data. Our team designs robust platforms to help businesses scan the markets and automate trading operations to get maximum profitability from every transaction. Native and cross‑platform advanced financial mobile applications, graphs, charts, KYC, BAAS, brokers, exchanges and other third party integrations.

custom financial software development

We also re-developed the legacy investment application with on-premises infrastructure — into a fast, scalable public cloud-based solution with microservices architecture. We delivered the app that tracks real-time information on share prices and financial data. A stock finder allows users to create a personal watch list, monitor discussions and set up alerts to follow price changes. Our IT consultants can analyze your particular business needs and provide you with a detailed solution outline, development, and implementation plan.

Custom Blockchain Software Development

We look forward to collaborating with Velvetech in the Blockchain space and other future technological areas. We build efficient tech solutions to help companies leverage MCA and support this popular type of business financing. Velvetech’s proprietary trading platforms help execute the most efficient transactions on capital markets and exchanges.

  • Recent statistics show a steady rise in the popularity of FinTech applications among users around the world.
  • Studies have shown that companies utilizing no-code platforms are twice as likely to experience significant, measurable growth.
  • The GLBA is a regulation that calls for financial software development services institutions to protect customer data and be transparent on how it gets processed.
  • One option to consider is outsourcing these tasks through an application services provider.
  • Advance your efficiency, customer experience, and business performance with our future-proof solutions.

Fingent has assisted BFSI companies create effective strategies for managing its data and infrastructure, solution platforms, processes, and policies. Cloud-based development brings the advantages of cloud computing to software development by hosting development environments in the cloud. We offer the best-in-class software development custom development in banking for financial services and have helped various businesses. With their multitude of use cases ranging from different models to advanced feature sets and next-gen technology combinations. The next and last factor determining the financial services software development cost would be the location where the agency is based.

What is Financial Software Development?

Use in-depth reports to uncover the trends and have a full picture of your company’s productivity. Financial services require seamless 24/7 availability and constant connection with the users or potential clients. Chatbots are an industry standard and a highly efficient way of providing interruption-free customer care. A financial application is a software program that aids in the management of financial business processes. Accounts payable software, for example, allows a company to keep track of outstanding payments and ensure that all payments are made correctly and on time. Change the capacity of our development teams working on your IT projects, by scaling up or down as your needs shift during the development process.

The volume of data that needs to be migrated from spreadsheets and/or existing accounting software. Creating custom formulas for automated calculation of VAT, sales, use, withholding, income, and other taxes based on the user-defined parameters and region-specific tax rates. Rule-based creation, update and approval of journal entries in the general ledger and subledgers on external and intercompany financial transactions, including multi-currency transactions. When all ideas have been selected, the creation of the FinTech software design from the requirement’s documentation starts.

Launch FinTech Software Solutions Even Faster With Caspio One

With our insurance software solutions, we provide access to easy-to-use policy management system automation, insurance rate algorithms, and managing mobile insurance apps that ensure good quality for your business. There are a number of reasons that make custom financial software application development investment a good business move for entrepreneurs. Serving a wide range of industries, ScienceSoft gives special attention to the banking, financial services, and insurance sector . Since 2005, we deliver state-of-the-art BFSI solutions that bring 2–25x+ faster business processes, 5–40% reduction in operational costs, 10–15% increase in revenue, and 100% visibility of financial transactions. We are committed to developing innovative and impactful solutions tailored-fit to your business needs. As an IT partner, we strive to make your digital transformation as successful as possible, allowing your company to make the most out of technology solutions, whether it comes to mobile or web app development.

I hired this firm to create some simple code for me, which grew into website development and our first mobile app. Velvetech is a one-stop shop for everything relating to the web… social media, mobile apps, websites. With their professionalism, expertise, and enthusiasm, Velvetech has grown to be an extension of my department. Create a scalable, cost‑effective, and secure cloud‑based infrastructure, automate your development processes, and set up automated backups and monitoring of your production servers. Leverage Itexus’ extensive fintech expertise to find the best technical solutions for your business challenges.

Go From Finance To FinTech with Custom Financial Software Development

With a carefully managed KYC policy, customers can be assured that their data is protected and services are carried out in a secure manner. Indeed, the main purpose of KYC is to prevent financial scams, identity theft, money laundering or terrorist financing. For over 20 years in the fintech industry, we’ve been delivering custom high-quality software that revolutionizes our partners’ businesses making them swift, agile, and cost-effective. Introduce Enterprise Resource Planning software in your daily routine to optimize business processes, boost productivity, mitigate risks, and manage your time efficiently. Bring agility to your financial business by developing robust, responsive, and powerful mobile applications that will begin a new level of B2C interaction. Strengthen your in-house expertise by incorporating our fintech professionals into your project development process and bring maximum value to the final product.

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