About us

ark Group is a privately owned full service real estate development group, founded in 2003 on the principle that success is achieved by creating superior value for its equity partners and investors, while fully attending its client’s and tenant’s needs.


“ We firmly believe that only through a strong sense of partnership and collaboration we can truly achieve the best results for our clients shareholders and equity partners”

Our founder principals have extensive experience developing a portfolio that includes more than 30 properties diversified in a wide range of types from residential, resort condos, office and retail developments. All of them in the largest and fastest growing metropolitan cities and emerging submarkets in Mexico and the US..

ark Group has built a stellar reputation by partnering with the most successful team of multidisciplinary specialists and consultants to develop state-of-art properties while consolidating new sustainable communities.

We remain involved in every facet of the development process, including planning, entitlements, financing, design, construction, marketing, sales and management. Our Team shares the passion for results and are prepared to act decisively to achieve them.

Through innovation and creativity we strive to anticipate to our clients’ rapidly changing needs and  we develop new services to satisfy them. We trust our developments to provide outstanding architectural spaces while creating user-balanced ecosystems.

Our pioneering Residential developments integrate ultimate design and technology together with top of the line amenities for the urban and beach lifestyles.

Our commercial developments are not speculative. We benefit from long-standing relationships with local, regional and national tenants and we enter into extended leases for most of our development ventures.

Our tenants are within a wide range of industries, from technology  and innovation entrepreneurs to global financial and private equity firms. Our clients are ambitious and within the community of influencers and leaders..

We believe that true success is achieved only if it is shared and acknowledged, this is why we thank our clients, investors, partners and our talented team of professionals for their trust and dedication throughout the years, thank you for making ark Group a reality.


ar+k is a team committed to service, quality and client satisfaction. It is refreshing to find companies that deliver beyond their speech, I highly recommend them.

Álvaro Rattinger
The ar+k team is always tending to its clients and tenants; every day they focus on providing a great quality service. We recommend anyone or any company to explore joining the ar+k client family when they are looking for a place to rent.
Juan José Solórzano
ar+k has a team of professionals using state-of-the-art technology. The quality of this firm makes them very competitive in the real estate sector.

Rafael Monroy
Executive Vicepresident



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